The Great Indoors Photography Project Highlights

An insight into lockdown. April 2020.

Hello! With the current coronavirus pandemic, we’re all spending much more time in our homes. So, I decided to run a photography project from 1st April – 1st May 2020 for myself and others to challenge ourselves creatively and also get an insight into how others are living through this strange time.

It is a photo-a-day project and each day has a prompt word. The group is all abilities: some are here to challenge their photography skills, others for the fun of a creative project and to share a slice of life. Everyone is welcome and we really enjoy all the different contributions. 

If you click on each day’s image, you can see contributions from other participants which really stood out to me for one reason or another, and I hope it will give a real insight into this unusual period of time from different perspectives all around the world. I hope you enjoy them too! 

All copyright to images posted within this project remains solely with the individual who initially posted the image.