100 Days of Summer 2021 Weekly Highlights

Hello! This is where you will find the weekly highlights from this year’s 100 Days of Summer photography project. It is a photo-a-day project and each day has a prompt word. The group contains photographers of mixed abilities: some are here to challenge their photography skills, others for the fun of a creative project and/or to share a slice of life. Everyone is welcome and we really enjoy all the different contributions. Each week I will choose a selection of photos from the 100 Days of Summer group which really stood out to me for one reason or another, I hope you enjoy them too! 

This year, most of us are enjoying gradual easing of restrictions but are still experiencing many of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. With each of us taking a photo on the same day, with the same theme word, it’ll be interesting to see our different interpretations as we capture the world around us.

All copyright to images posted within this group (The Thinks Photography Projects) remains solely with the individual who initially posted the image.