Photography Projects

I like a challenge, and to keep creative I often set personal challenges to keep me looking for new ways to take photos, or perhaps take photos I might not take otherwise.

Here is where you’ll find my galleries from some of these projects, as well as contributions from other people who have participated.

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Every summer since 2013, I’ve participated in the 100 Days of Summer Photography project. It’s a photo-a-day project from May – September. Each day has a pre-determined theme word or phrase. Since 2019 I have been running this project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and have hundreds of participants all over the world.

Click on one of the links below to see the full galleries.

100 Days of Summer 2019

Theme: Here

100 Days of Summer 2020

Theme: Here

100 Days of Summer 2021

Theme: Here

The Great Indoors Photography Project

In April 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to launch ‘The Great Indoors photography project’ as a way of recording this most unusual period of time and also to provide a way for myself and others to feel connected when we couldn’t be physically. It was also a great way to find beauty in our surroundings, even though we were stuck indoors most of the time. Please click below to view the galleries!


I have more projects coming, so please follow me on Twitter @benstoneyphoto if you’d like to keep up to date or even take part!